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AGRINOVA offers nets adaptable to different environmental or technical-productive situations, for fruit, flower and vegetable-growing and car parks.


AGRINOVA’s anti-hail, anti-rain and special nets are excellent from an economic, productive and environmental point of view.


AGRINOVA has the best products and technologies available to support the anti-hail and anti-rain nets and their supporting structures.

AGRINOVA: we have been guaranteeing your harvest since 1958

AGRINOVA works with farmers since 1958, giving them the chance to obtain good harvests, more quantity and better quality products. Together with you, we look ahead to the future, moving on from the most modern technologies and constant research.

The continuous investments in the most modern technologies and the choice of the best materials available in the market, have allowed AGRINOVA to be today one of the most solid and reliable companies in the sector on a global level.

  • Anti-Hail Nets

    Nets have a long service life even when subjected to recurrent hail or other environmental failures.

  • Anti-Rain Nets

    Anti-rain tarpaulins are designed to protect fruits, while ensuring optimum climatic conditions for growth.

  • Shade / Wind-break Nets

    The net filters the optimal amount of light for harvest quality and protects crops from wind action and atmospheric stress.

  • Special Nets

    These nets protect from different insect types, preventing the spread of virus microorganisms and other pathogens.

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