An hailstorm may last few minutes but can destroy entire crops, damaging plants, weakening them and exposing them to viral infections: this can threw out of the window the work of years. The anti-hail installation is the most ecologically compatible solution , and allows the farmers to plan their jobs. The investment is amortized over the years. Nets have a long lasting life, even if exposed to cyclic hailstorms or other atmospheric agents.


Some crops are very fragile and atmospheric agents, such as wind and rain, may ruin them. Since the most important thing in value added crops (e.g. cherries, berries …) is to guarantee the organoleptic entirety of the products, the application of anti rain nets are the best solution as they preserve fruit from cracking (thing that can drastically decrease the price of the product). Anti rain cover is designed to protect berries against harmful weather agents and guarantee optimal climatic growing conditions.


Extreme exposition to sun-rays is a big risk for the harvest, as well as climatic variations. For this reason shade and wind break nets are the right solution:  they filter the right quantity of sun rays and guarantee a perfect protection against wind and they preserves trees from thermal shocks, keeping the right humidity and reducing evaporation of 30%. These nets are light and easy to use and can last for several years.


These networks protect from different insect types, prevents the spread of viral micro organisms and other pathogens. In addition, they guarantee the ideal indoor microclimate, with optimal passage of air and light. They are a barrier against aphids, wind, sand, salt; they resist atmospheric agents; they are insecure by ultraviolet rays thanks to the special processes they undergo; they are stretch marks resistant.